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The Empire Strikes Back - Don't Funk Up Our Beats Contest V lyrics, letra, paroles
03.03.2013, 18:41
You know, i'm sick of these horrorcore rappers saying they're killers.
when they've killed no one, what a bunch of hyped up liars.
i mean what's the face paint under your eyes symbolize?
is it the time that a real rapper made you cry?
let me show you what im talking about.
I'll smoke all you bitches and tap you in an ash tray.
You better listen to what I mother fuck'n say.
I punch dragons and kick planes on the run way.
You'll be dead in the morning, so go ahead and pray.
Cause i'm an assassin, and I am ready for action.
Stop asking, i'm a phantom, and you're maddening cause you're blindly chasing fashion.
Damn son, I'll flatten you and push you in a cayon, can't fathom.
Am i speaking latin? i'm a darker man than marylin manson.
You say your killer, a blood spiller, got seven girls in the chiller.
Well ain't you clever, look bitch you got issues, so let me diss you.
So does that make you better, than everyone one else.
A blood stainded house, a ripped blouse collection.
You say murder gives you an erection who are you kidding.
You couldn't kill a fly, let alone make someone die.
At least some gangsta rappers are gangsta, your not a killer.
Not even a sinner, the weird kid other kids called a loser.
Town kids when they see you they say "omg i love you".
When you have ya back turned "she got herpes its so true".
Or they start rumours about you, and say its the truth.
"omg she's a slut, she was on the spit, she sucked his dick".
Look will you all shut the fuck up, you're all mentally fucked.
Guy or girl you all like bitch and gossip and im sick of it.
So x o x o I'm here to say your hollow, its the fuckn truth now swallow.
All you stupid kids who are out on the street,
Tryna compete.
And attempt to fuck every girl you meet.
Cruising around to do skids and shit.
Show off your engine every weekend and thinking you're hip.
Still getting pissed and you're 35 years old.
Advice is ignored no matter what you're told.
"oh no it's the pigs" you're about to get rolled.
Wasted your life now watch the consequences unfold.
As for you mall rats, you could perhaps.
Get a job or get lost, than sitting in mall park lots, ya'all hanging aloft.
Your just attracting trouble from cops, just sit down and have lunch.
It doesn't cost much, just a couple of bucks, or maybe just maybe.
You could get a job, make something of ya self, before life becomes hell.
And another sad story to tell, parallel to the life of satan himself.
I see a bunch of idiots from the 70's.
They call themselves indie.
"Hopsin's famous, so i don't listen to him anymore" are you fucking kidding me?
So you've become a photographer cause you post yourself on Instagram?
Only unknown bands with the maturity of Anchorman.
Glasses without lenses, looking like nerdy benders.
You're breaking society so we have to be the menders.
I hope you're correct when you bitches say YOLO.
You probably won't hear this song cause we'll be famous tomorrow.
When the major label had it's rein.
The music industry began to fall away.
Which allowed the independent industry to become the new way.
And hit the airwaves and it's here to stay, with a message to convey.
Than the empire striked back with swag rap and snap backs and yolo and vevo.
So as rebels we had to rebel working our hardest.
To get out of hell, as independent artists.
So we can/will rebel smack back and counterattack.
Being the guys who do independent rap.
We can help you keep your mind on track.
We'll guide you when the empire strikes back.

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