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Sun Kil Moon - The Winery lyrics, letra, paroles
16.12.2012, 15:54
You moved up near the winery
Moved down by the oil refinery
You left my rags for these riches
Left and no best wishing
Our cats still go out at night
Cooling in the moonlight
And the lights of Mount Inez
Scattered on the …
I play guitar till morning light
Along with it I build my life
Made some lovers through my skills
Some have lasted, other just filled time
Remembering you there with me
Taking walks around the sea
Youths fly by cursing us
End of summer, end of fall, winter, spring
Listening to … for that dress
Drag her down beneath …
Santals versus …, … versus …
… versus …, no more, no more
My tv glows, my ceiling fan
I am Mike broke bones, Julie and … and…
Bobby Fischer and Tod Brooks
Smoking Joe trough
Robert Burns wrote poems …
Martin Luther had a dream
You never believed in
You’re up there in the vineyards
Using in song pretty words
Eating French honey, burning through money
And I’m here reading this stash of your notes
Over by the Taco truck
Scribbling words on receipts
Just go on and repeat
I walk along the service steps
And the antique shops
Come on every evening
Give the dog salad

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