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S3RL - Friendzoned feat Mixie Moon lyrics
28.11.2013, 05:08

Oh girl...

This is agony.
I wish you were into me.

But no.
It's not meant to be.
No matter how good I treat - you.

No. You're with that dick.
He treats you like shit.

But to me you say...

I've friend zoned you.

I want you here with me whenever I'm sad.
But you'll never get to take me to bed.

Sorry that the feelings aren't mutual
Take it or leave it cos I've friend zoned you.

Yo, drop the bass.

Yo, here we go.

I'm the asshole in her life,
I give her the d.

No matter how I treat her,
She stays with me.

We're fightin all the time,
Cos I cheat. I lie.

Then it's you on the phone,
When she's havin a cry.

You treat her real good.
You treat her so nice.

But when she gets home,
She's back on my pipe.

A little advice,
To you from me.

With girls like these,
Treat em mean keep em keen.

Bring the beat back.

So now...
Can you see it too?
That this guy's no good for you?

Uh... No.
Won't listen to me,
No matter how much you see - it.

No. You're still with that dick.
He treats you like shit.

But to me you say...
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