Rezen L - Wont Get This lyrics, letra
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Rezen L - Wont Get This lyrics, letra, paroles
03.12.2013, 16:47
Verse 1: Yo, Look, Chillin' In My Room, As I Get A Verse To Go Soon, Or Come Late, Like I'm Expecting To Spit On Yo Whole Platoon//
And Then Wait, Cus' I'm Against You And Music, Recreate Tunes, Top Floor, Used To Be Ground Till' I Wrapped Out Of My Cocoon//
Now I Rap Out Of The Booth, Stepped On In, And Had Gotten Winded, Five Months Later, I'm Recording On This App So You Guys Can Hear It//
Sounding Of A Beast From A Battle I Came Out Winnin', Makin' Artists Back Down, With The Beat In The Background, Spinnin'//
Spittin' Until I Damp Yo' Attention, Lather You In It, Get Up On The Same Track And I Vomit To Mask Yo' Vision//
Vivid, From Where You've Risen, I'd Drown You Inside This Rhythm, Grab A Prism, Make You Wanna Watch It From In A Prison//
Different Nothing, These Weapons Could Even Pull Out Yo' Wisdom, You Wishin' To Get Connected, Detach You From All Existence....

Chorus: Cus' Niggas Won't Get This And They Really Shouldn't Exist So Just Quit...

You Might As Well Just Roll In Lava Don't Take Caution, Either That Or Strangle Yourself In Yo' Casa

Verse 2: And Hang Like Pasta, Picking My Targets For Every Hour, Mass Grave So It's Everyone Rappin' Or Not, I'd Devour//
And Leave The Blood, Whoever With Power Could Try And Solve Em'//
Or Become A Solvent When I Come Back For Another Salvage//
Get Equipped With An Outfit, Big Enough To Create A House With//
Or Carry Out Hits, Lock It, Handin' The World My Pockets, Poutin'//
Get On My Team Or Get Shouted, Droppin' Knowledge On You, Only If Yeen Bout It'//
Busta, My Crowd Surrounds You Way Before You Could Get Out It//
Playin' Hangman With Your Talent, To Lose Yo' Passion//
And My Passion Got Me Out Here Rappin' While You Just Doubt It//
I'll Pass You A Bar And Match It, You Bit It, No Pun Intended//
Coward, Equivalent Of A Basket Of Sad Cats, Trippin', If I Threw You A Childish Rap, You Would Probably Come Out Kitten (Kiddin')//
Scared Of Thunder, That Double Entendre Makes Me A Troublesome Monster To Yo' Division, I'll Give You A Verse, Too Distant, And Haunt You Within My Lyrics//
Look, I'm Gifted Easy, Don't Care If You Wouldn't Believe Me, I Come Around Unexpected, You Diss Me And I Quit Breathing//
Put Everything On Hold, Push My Button, And I'm Releasing, Enough To Just Grab Yo' Neck, And Start Ringing To Leave You, Dreaming....

Chorus: Cus' Niggas Won't Get This And They Really Shouldn't Exist So Just Quit...

You Might As Well Just Roll In Lava Don't Take Caution, Either That Or Strangle Yourself In Yo' Casa, And Say You Lost It//
Or Say You Needed A Coffin But Couldn't Choke On The Lozenge, To Say That You Fresh To Death, So You Can't Report To Yo' Office..

Verse 3: And Somebody Go Tell Bria, I Need Her, Though, We Ain't Talking, Told Her How My Heart Was Feeling, I'm Feeling Like She Just Stomped It//
And Dislodged It, Now I No Longer Can Hear It Thumpin', But I'm Guessing The Positive Is That At Least I'm Feeling Somethin'//
Than Feelin' Nothin' That Means My Feelings Could Maybe Prompt Her, So I Guess I Gotta Wait Till' She Feels She Can Save Me From Her//
Or Save Me From It, One Word From Her Can Save My Conscience, Which Is Why I'm Conscious, Can't Even Sleep, I Hope That She's Comin'.....

And Ima Stop Right Here Man....

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