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Raxstar - Cold World lyrics, letra, paroles
15.08.2013, 19:44
It's a cold world
Why you comparing her to your old girl?
She's got insecurities that she won't tell
Blocks out the whole world so she don't feel
But she let you in
Don't play with her heart like it's a bet to win
Whether you win or you lose
There's a million options for a woman to choose
and she chose you turned down so many before you
Believe her when she tells you she adores you
and all she want to do is support you
As a man I'm sorry for all the pain that he caused you
but that's not me
I'm hooked like the chorus so know that you got me

Teri Bahon Mein (In your arms)

I find solace in your arms
I would never make a promise if I can't
keep it, you're the air that I breathe in
You're the future that I believe in
I said I'd never change like the seasons
But you came and you gave me a reason
To become more, I was unsure
at the start when love was knocking on my front door
and I opened up,
It's hard when you had somebody broke your trust
But love has the golden touch,
Fear seperates like the ocean does
and I know that you're scared
Just close your eyes and you can hear

Teri Bahon Mein (In your arms)

You can show me your pain
You don't have to feel lonely again
You say that it's cold when it rains
You do the same thing and you hope for some change
I promise you it won't be the same
Fate drew a line around both of our names
Keep you in my heart and you flow through my veins
You see it in my eyes so it goes without saying


You're my light on a dark day
You're the beat that my heart makes
I know you've seen heart ache
There's pain in your eyes but you can't say
But that don't mean
When you close your eyes you can't have no dreams
Because my dreams are about you,
I don't want to be seen without you
There's things that I have seen that leave me doubtful
But you already know I don't need to tell you
Life is a mountain of lies
There's truth in the clouds that I count in the sky,
The flowers I gave you are bound to die
But I'll tell you I love you a thousand times

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