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OCD: Moosh & Twist - Every Single Day lyrics, letra, paroles
24.08.2013, 18:45
[Verse 1:Twist]
I never take the easy way
Sorry I never had a passion for my GPA
My momma told me these numbers can't define me
You really wanna find me I'm spitting something grimey
With my city right behind me
This industry is slimey
All my trophies looking shiny
So these haters wanna try me
But jealousy is natural even though its super ugly
If you breathing then you living
Every single day is lovely
Every single day is special even if you think its not
When you feel like you got nothing give it everything you got
Jot it down like a sticky note
Ultra likes its michelob
Damn you got that skinny flow
You sound just like a picollo
And me im just a musical
Everything is beautiful
They try to box me in I guess there working from a cubicle
Everything has a purpose and everything is worth it
I want everybody happy even if they don't deserve it

We do the same things
We make the same means
And when you gettin' this money, don’t let it change you
Cause everybody here, they want a part of it
And I'mma give it back, to who I started with
Don’t let it change you, don’t let it change you
And when you make mistakes, just know what made you
Cause everybody here, they want apart of it
And I'mma give it back to who I started with

[Verse 2:Moosh]
See I'm looking for directions cuz I really think they led us wrong
I'm going hammer on this navy just to get us home
Mind racing spacing off elevation contemplating conversation
Keep me beating like a metronome
With the black tap cop like a mad tank
Get it with a black man, listen for the accent
Hit it with a shot no time on the clock
You can sign on the rock
No up or backspin
Now listen say the word
Cuz I can spray a bird
Now you should address me as DeQuincy Coleman McRae the third
This is where I'm going so its best you just beware
My confidence is key you can not knock me off I swere
So you can't even bother
I'm an optimistic scholar
Like a down to earth girl with an non-existent father
And I hope the pain hits you watch
I was playing with you scott
Kleenex flow and you dealing with plain tissue pop
Me and Twist we saking track
Cuz we both just think attack
Its OCD or kill yourself
Yeah tell me what you think of that


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