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Naâman - Skanking Shoes lyrics, letra, paroles
12.04.2013, 17:32
Have you got your skanking shoes? Deep Rockers, official skanking shoes seller
Nah let the fashion toot you
I need a club I need a vibe I need a mic ina me hand
I need a crazy selecta so ruffa than dem
A dutty dancehall tell dem again ina the morning yes
Fi warm up me body when Paris is burning.
I need a really smelly spliff cause me nah sing without me weed,
I need a meditation time, high grade give the spin.
Rum in my bottle and me like it with nothing.
What's about me shoes man? Serious ting !

Let see what kind a shoes they got ina the likkle corner shop.
Roots rocker rock steady ska and one drop.
Feel how it moves up your feet pon the ground.
We need a good not a swagga one
There is no reason for the bad dressed feet to jump up
So never let a scammer do the job, if you dress it up man dress it up nicer
Hey Rudeboy !!

Skanking, dash away your boots man we skanking
Spoil up your foot just skanking put on your skanking shoes

I was a youth, a pickney, practicing the beat killing,
Pilling the vinyl, pilling Ragga Magazine when sickness came over me
Oh what a fever, sickness came over me
With no doubt, today it rules me destiny
Mix up the dance of me job it's my favorite
I like to do it cool, juicy in July, Naâman can be sweet if you nice up me mood and me body
So me shoes me depend on fi skank it all night long
Quality prevails that's me deep rooted position
Naâman top ranking, smooth feet a skank it
Real cobbler yes your foot affi love it and
Have you got skanking shoes? Deep Rockers offishal skanking shoes seller . Have you got your skanking shoes my brothers?


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