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Mick Jenkins - Crossroads lyrics, letra, paroles
23.07.2013, 15:16
Started from the bottom on the map
Move to the shot like fifth ..
Runnin like the wilder from the tap,
Move from the mall like switch laze,
I ain't never been the type of nigga that would change the fame that could put it in close
Been kind of ride for my niggas at bigs, on the ..see no spokes,
There cup seen on .. livin on the rim of the glass of no water,
I'm just see the people I can .. pimpin your hope,
Livin on the wind blow and ..
You in the street no pipe no pimp,
Disturb mother*cker you dope.
Pull the triggers to the beats take alive no guilt
I could some of you go feel it like you know it,
Cold shoulders, murder hope stand,
You could tell us you need a drink,
Sun get hotter drink get coulder, damn,
You could tell us need a drink,
Spit his flow like is coming out to sink
And the shit hot like is coming in the mink,
Never coming down, make you dumb, make you think,
Did you really team, make a dumb really drink,
Grippin your heart was grippin your soul,
Grippin that eye and I'm dropping that sink
Gotta move smart I didn't learned from the dope
Just what I'm gonna do, with your cope in your hand like
Oh no, a lot of niggas smoking purple,
I'm free I'm swimming, free my niggas wo the world go,
I'm screaming free my niggas to the world blow
Say money she gonna do it for the ..

Been the reservations with a..
.. in your family like a lot of hoes,
Lot of hoes then intended, they was not a hoe,
Lot of .. they lie about their ..
I'm bout my green like in other ..
I'm from the shine she say she shy but she got a hore,
Practical, .., Jane bought from ..
Staying out on Hollywood we ain't out in Holly proof,
Kamikaze come come and keep and ..
Yeah and me and king Okay, the years are coming ..
Coming .. made a spirit mom,
Here's her tongue and I said ready for here it comes,
Uh, I'm just having fun with it, this brought .. here for
Makes it .. with it, you think you .. stomach it,
Mhm, turn me 8, or you deal with .. box,
Or you deal with stunning place,
.. in the middle of the class,
Multi antandra, and now I can do what I want
Shouts out 'lie on me
I just keep on going

Staring at the bottom of the bottle,
Pour out for the fam take the shots,
.. ain't class with the model,
Money on my mind, make a million '
Lot about them niggas don't lie about their ..
Trying to live with the..
Got on, true's off and kick up my feet,
.. you never brush my teeth,
Tell em on Rose, .. I ain't giving up my seat
Saw my face and stay the glass window with church
Gamers in the night when I sleep,
Saw the collection cash of the past is purp,
And give em ..something to eat,
Paper twistin been in back, was flip the script is ..
Adam smashing passing biming rhyming on my taxes
I'm from sinners put a deck and consider on my
..low chances are you ..
I'm done my nigga.

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