Liric - Tell It Myself lyrics, letra
Saturday, 05.09.2015, 17:14
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Liric - Tell It Myself lyrics, letra, paroles
29.01.2013, 21:49
Yo, I wonder how they heard that I’ve been killing this
The only bad kid, that still got a good gift
Use it for the greater mean, music is my center piece
Keeps me saying man I’m on the plane
Smoke my enemies
Next stop, but it’s still middle finger up
I’m about a buck, way before I’m about a fuck
Real niggas know what’s up, I’m something like a drug
Killin all the pain, never speak my name in vain
She just wanna get me rain, her face is way I aim
I’m eating all the crop, I won’t even leave a grain
Everyone that hated on be here the one to blame
Rips out to every beat I’ve ever slain
Most of it is me, the rest entertainment
I’m bit, so I figured I would vent for a while
I’ve been on fire but I’m cooler than the vent
So many things I’ve learned
So many trees I’ve burnt
Just to get the right perspective
My day is never hectic
To me I’m flowing, but to them is like a message
There’s nothing to it, just call me mister therapeutic
My music’s abusive, better than your new shit
Don’t even say a word cause your voice is just a nonsense
Influence, the generation baking after me
I’m on my way to touring, exploring the 7 seas
All about a dollar so I gotta burn a tree
Labeled as a lyricist, hope my haters ain’t hearing this
I’m about to break a few legs and records that can’t be fixed
Inspired by the mj’s and big d’s
Smoke a big l spittin in puns that’s 2 ways
Remember ever like I said it 100 times
Grind till the end of time, exorcizing my mind
Told me that I wasn’t ready, the storm my windows was heavy
It’s only been a year, look where I’m at already
I used to think way too much of what these people think of me
When you think of liric the illest is what you see of me
Rappin and making money so women wanna be with me
I say what I want, spittin every flow evenly
I’m done dreaming, non believing got my haters grieving
My dogs are through the ceiling,
They should feel what I be feeling
But since we not assembly, call me the epidemy
Tell em my own story
Like I knew what I was meant to be.

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