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Lil Crazed ft. Chris Lawrence and Block - Now I Know lyrics
02.03.2013, 18:24

Now is it just me or is this shit crazy?
i mean, i am already a father of 3, and it's hard to believe
because of the numbers that's part of my age, shit,
yeah, i made them, created them babies and fed them and raised them,
all in the while, eyeballing the isle, and seeing no priests, and the seats are still vacant,
i tell her be patient, one day it'll happen, i'll make it the greatest,
but til that wedding baby keep waiting, there's still about a few of these pages,
of this chapter, of a rapper, tryna be the one and i don't mean an actor,
tryna make enough to make a living that's for me, the woman and the kids that's living under my shelter,
5 year old, 4 year old, and another one that's recently reaching a few months,
some of these people that see it, disagreeing, telling me they can't believe it, asking me, isn't it too much?
like how do you manage your time,
balance your grind and your family's time
i tell them if you want your talent to shine,
you cannot think with an average mind

~so until i vanish and die,
i will continue to practice and rhyme,
graduated with a cap and a gown
but I know my calling, i'm making y'all proud,
mama, papa, no, i didn't make it to college,
but i'm making my payments, and raising my babies, and haters i promise my family's solid,
so fuck y'all if you hating,
i got fans that think that i'm amazing,
and vice versa, write verses
the mic in my basement, the right purchase,
still I'm searching for my purpose...
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