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King Lil G's - That Dro lyrics, letra, paroles
07.03.2013, 18:29
Waking up and we light it up
& we slowing blinking, I'm high as fuck
Your man keeps calling, you keep ignoring
I'm looking forward to another blunt
Yea we livin' that fast life, had a different girl last night
You can smell it when you pass by, double n-i-n-e company
She can ride with me, if she act right
Surrounded by all of the killers, the illest words be the ones that I'm spittin'
Just hit the herb, reminiscin' of her..and maybe her
Dirty biz that sucios mob, rolling up purple, I'm a g star
Hitting that weed with the team, while I bump this beat
Through the cali streets all week long..
When I die make sure they, bury me a legend
It's probably true I walked up took your favorite rappers necklace
I'm young and I'm reckless chilled with your exes
My baby momma's in Cali, my new girls in Texas


I said I been smokin' since Monday..
Maybe i'll quit someday, I stay smokin' till Sunday..
I told you I'm in love with that dro..
I'm live love with that dro..
I'm with the crew on Friday..
Friday night is my day
Everyones at my place and you can catch us smokin' that dro..
Catch us smokin' that dro

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