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Fidlar - I Just Wanna Die lyrics, letra, paroles
01.05.2013, 19:47
I tried to call you up cuz I'm feelin alone
But my minutes ran out on my telephone
So I'l get
Fucked up until I cry
And you'll be
Passed out with another guy
And I'm just freaking out
Cuz I'm getting super stoned
And when I tell you that I love you
You think it's a joke
So I'l wake up and I'm super high
And you'll be
Passed out with another guy
I just waaaaannnaaaa die

Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!

When I wake up next to you
I feel at home and
When I hold your hand
I never wanna let it go
So I'l just pass out on your floor
And I can
never ever ever find the door
And I'm ch-ch-chuggin all my roommates wine
Cus you're t-t-t-t-taking all your time
And I never ever wanna DIY
Cuz I reallllly reaalllly want you in my life
I just waaaaannnaaaa die

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