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Emily Smith - The Open Door lyrics, letra, paroles
10.03.2014, 20:06
It's feeling when my true love
A song is in the air
I hear it when it calling see cross for me then

Is the sound of leaving, I'll leave all about
Ain't no use to bleeding I show you what I felt
Show you what I felt

Some foxs have it easy at least it's how it seams
They jump and beat it like 'beat up and find the dream
Some travel in the darkness an obstacle
Some rest with their demons and face it unafraid

We argues for..we only ask for glow
We take a minute from the shelve and find the open door,
We find the open door

I love you with a fever, I love you in the past
My mind it is a keeper as long it will last
As long it will last I'll tell you what I know
We walk this room together
And we walked it true
We walk this open door

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