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Denace - Survivor lyrics, letra, paroles
01.05.2013, 16:15
[Chorus softly in background]
Hey yo, I never wanted to be in this position.
But you, you put me in it.
So here I go...

[Verse 1:]
Yo, this life is a fist fight.
I'm pissed, it's midnight.
I'm fixed to dislike.
Snap, shit I just might.
I don't wanna sit tight.
I'm sick of it, this whole world can lick a dick.
Fuck a toilet seat, I don't give a shit.
I don't give a fuck like I'm celibent.
Mad enough to choke a frickin' elephant and break his frickin' neck right in.
Man you have no clue what fryin' hell I'm in.
I've been through hell and back where you fuckers never been.
They'll never understand what the hell I'm tellin' 'em.
They'll never reach me.
Haters, I'll never let 'em in.
There's a devil inside of my soul embedded in.
I will never fold, no matter what I'm pressured in!
Listen, my envision was never to be in this position.
I never pictured myself to be in this condition.
In the mist of all this criticism.
The new Pac and Slim mixed in.
Fuck a finger, I'mma fist 'em.

I don't care what you say about me.
Your opinions don't affect me cause I'm a rider, survivor.
They don't bother me.
Nope, notta.

[Verse 2:]
This shit is a bit twisted.
You took a shot, you missed it.
Take another one.
Don't quit, don't be on bitch shit.
Be consistent, persistent, this instant.
I'm itchin' to be the best there's no time for flinchin'.
Whatever the case may be, don't ever think it ain't for me.
If you love somethin' you better aim to be.
What you dream about.
Go 'head scream and shout.
Let your demons out; let the world see you now.
Don't be a lazy quitter; I'll be your babysitter.
Stop bein' a fuckin' baby and be a heavy hitter.
You live once you dumb prick, so toughen up.
Stop drinking yourself to sleep.
You're fuckin' up.
You have a lot of stuff you gotta promote.
A lot of fans that believe in you with every drop of hope.
And what do you do?
You stay depressed, you're fuckin' pitiful.
You can't stop, you've been dedicated since middle school.

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
I get a lot of hate for being myself.
They don't wanna see me seeing hot wealth.
They wanna see Denace dig a grave and jump in.
Fuck them, they're jealous.
I know this they're probly hopin' I croak as I wrote this.
But fuck it I'm alive and I'm hopin' you choke bitch!
Every minute I'm on this earth I'mma show this.
Middle finger is stiffer than Hulk Hogan.
"You're so cold man!"
Yeah, I am, I'm frozen.
These people made me this way G.
The majority hate me.
It's crazy.
They're mad cause they ain't me.
They wanna down rank me, and prove that I'm fake B.
I'm not fake.
I'm far from the fakest, faker you're angry.
That is all.
Take an Adderall.
Relax and have them all.
What you mad about?
Cause you cannot ball like me?
Despite me.
Come fight me.
Find me.
Don't take me lightly.
You'll lose.

[Hook x2]

I'm a survivor man.
With all the bullshit I gotta go through.
Shit, most people woulda quit already.
I'm just gettin' started.

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