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Courage My Love - Cold Blooded lyrics
26.11.2013, 19:44

Slow me down. Counting every step,
I remember that time, remember that place.
You're filling my mind with thoughts I can't erase.
Deeper now, holding every breath,
I shut the world out, you let yourself in;
A little creature here in my skin

Your eyes are always on me
I can't let you win.

Take comfort, you'll find a new lover
Cold blooded, I know what you are.
Now I see how you shed your skin in front of me
Cold blooded, I know what you are.

It's hard to say why I've been trying to escape.
No matter how far I run away,
I always end up back in the same place,
It's getting closer and closer
You're gripping tighter and tighter.
We do this over and over

Just let this go.
Just let me go.
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