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Chris Brown Featuring Problem- Let The Blunt Go lyrics
04.03.2013, 15:27

[Intro: Funk Flex]
Funk Flex, Chris Brown
Who you mad at? Me or yourself
[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Gold chain, gold chain
Gettin’ money gon’ watch these hoes change
I’m in the party got these bithes off molly and they rollin’
b-tches poppin pills like its for pain
In their eyes Im the sh-t
Molly probably fantasizing all about my dick
Only one real n-gga, take a pic
And all you haters, I’m gonna take your b-tch
[Bridge: Chris Brown]
Every n-gga in the club see the same hoe
With the same friends all they do is change clothes
Try to bowl and they p-ssies say their lane closed
If you f-ckin’ for your rent you a lame hoe
Oops, yeah I said that
Half ya’ll n-ggas in here frontin where your bread at?
ahhhhh, gon’ stutter rap
Thought so can’t do it like this broke n-gga
[Hook (x2): Chris Brown]
If say you got to work, why you in the club hoe?
Hell no you can’t smoke my drugs hoe
Now you in the club tryin’ to f-ck no love hoe
How you do that there? b-tch let the blunt go
[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Too many cars a parade when I pull up
Glass jaw, catch a fade that’s a chin up
If you aint looking I’m gonna eat your hoe for dinner
She said shes a virgin but I f-cked her in Virginia
I ate her at musicjuzz the Supper Club
Bad b-tches at Greystone, but they just some runner ups
Now every n-gga in here seeing if you tryin’ to f-ck
And every n-gga in here schemin’ gon’ try your luck
I’m A-1, no steak sauce n-gga they spray dumb
Its like ratatatat cross your baseball cap
A couple hoes in your face like Jason
[Hook (x2)]
[Hook (x2)]
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