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Caskey - Letter To My Father lyrics, letra, paroles
01.03.2013, 01:02
Drinking bout my loss, I'll show you who the car
everybody only see the outside I ball
but they don't really know me at all,
never walk in my shoes and never saw what I saw.

I rap it writing nice, I'm writing letter to my father in..
a picture of my life, flower as you see
and wondering by his start the day when I was conceit
life it deceive should I was taught that it would be alright,
now it doesn't course by with what I see at night,
uh, they turn sower on that day in April
Then itch I have to hang myself the cables in the garage
the life it get hard if you think I'm any different 'cause they view me as a star
what they you are just far from the truth
Lost my father at 16, I don't worry by land
owners and victim, boy it gets sickening
can't fall and die every day upon the big screen
and all I got is big dreams
all for that money people with six teens
and I would give it all to take your name for that bitch you every..this thing,
are you listening 'cause I'll be yelling at the sky like did you miss me
pops, 'cause I think about you every day,
I never got the sake goodbye, I wanna say in every way
every day I roll learn to toast in your ..
it's awful hard to be your man when you don't got yourself a father
but I carry on,
just hoping that I'll make you proud,
and f*ck my opposition now you're trying to fake me out
they just don't know
they just don't know

I rap at late night, still writing letter to my father he ain't never finery
'cause see it from the outside pay it inside
they ask bout my copers skills lately I've been hide
that's why I got a couple pills with me,
couple of home boys they say they kill with me,
an angel was on my shoulder,
I don't think it's still with me,
see like the devil prevail
it's that...
I swear I got myself a fam made to love my life,
think I'm doing something right so I run up with their home boy adn their freestyles
is that f*ckin tight?
Me while I've been dealing with the presion
I can't escape and found of progression
that's why I need a session every night
I'ts like a fix to me, you let your emotions at home
and now they stick to me, shit,
and that's a heavy way to hold on,
never did learn how to swim,
how should I blowed on, now I never had no option to get,
I get my vowed on
you just packing shit and left and I was so long ago
and I feel like it was yesterday
I ain't seen my heart of a since,
put my chest away 'cause this heat today is gone tomorrow
with still more time to occupy
it's gone tomorrow
if there was more time that I could borrow.

I write this song, remember this was my father did
pass way on,
April 20 2009 it was probably a regular day dude I lost my best friend, my mentor, my father
in this crazy to type of criticism and just descending that you could receive
a lot of ..people that have never met me and never been through things that I've been through
and that's why my father used to keep me real level headed,
and tell me to do my own thing and I worry about all the excess and
is always gonna be hate you from all size but
you know at the end of the day they just don't know

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