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Carmen Fierce - Carmens Return lyrics, letra, paroles
08.04.2013, 18:56
Bright colors, whack bitch tracks DONE
the return of the mutha fuckin beast has come
Turn out the lights, let the monsters come
I gotta eat a few bitches you next, YUM
This is not a rap verse, I am not a rapper
This is a key or ride dope, and ima trapper
Yeah Im still a Barbie, I will still attack her
Yall are doin C again, all of y'all relapse her
I know what Y'all expectin, a diss verse right?
But THAT pussies loose, and this verse tight
You only gotta diss them once if you diss them first right
Your neck looks good, and this verse bites
Claim real beef, y'all made beef whack
So i dont even want it, you can have that beef back
Cause to me it's startin to look like these verses cloned
And to me it's startin to look like a nursery home
See my bars so hot , I dont need the buzz
and my flow so cold that you need a hug
My bars so epic, I could take a year off
come back with a 16, and blow ya ears off
But CHILL, Im on a rap bitch diet
unless a bitch wanna try it
already settin trends, only 2 years in it
Maybe I should diss a rap bitch for stealin my gimmick
huuh, now thats a little too expected
Ima let them bitches have my sloppy seconds
wow this is my era, took it RAN
You aint get the memo bitch check your SPAM


Aint this what y'all wanted , was the old me back
Thought it was slumber time, bitch I cant believe that
Yall sleepin on the kid, no DAY DREAM
Killin bitches for the fun, Broad Day Scene
Back from crypt, I rise
I murdered you bitches, Im the reason you revived
and bitch you my son, Bitch you learned from best
sayin what you did ma, you just mad I did the rest
Bitch you been washed, why you trynna come back
Deletin what you said, i aint gonna chalk that
Magazine and Awards you aint have to quote back
just know Im on your head lil bitch quote facts
Back to hood and the cockin gats
Back to CFierce and the bodyin raps
Tried to be nice, put you back on the map
But y'all bitches UNGRATEFUL, now Im blastin the strap
Rah Rah, Now Im back to spazzin
I got y'all bitches shook now y'all hoes is blackin
Tell that fag who produced it , that my raps whiplashin
Put it back up Dont delete it now
Dissin CarmenFierce but you took my sound
He told this dumb bitch her career revived
Hate to break it to yaa ma but ya friend he lied


Is this the thanks that I get for bringing y'all bitches back
It aint my fault that ALL of you bitches whack
You shoulda made a thank you rhyme you little bitch
Now Ima have to run up in your shit
"Carmen she just mad she aint take ya spot"
Word that bitch mad, cause I killed her plot
Well bitch you know you been a fan get off my top
Send some to ya crib, just to get you poppe
I hear the slick shit, i see the subtweetin
I mean really think Bre, who the fuck they beatin?
Designing Clothes, Tours, Vaticans
Career is froze, YOURS, Mannequin
You wanna sleep on ME? SLUMBER TIME
Im the mutha fucking best, NEVER LIED
Ima the new trendin topic NUMBA SIGN
and all my dollies rockin out, till the end of time
I see that dusty ass Areo... Babyphat
Im the new Nicki Minaj , MAYBE DAT
I call the shots, now you know me?
They beggin Carmen PLEASE STOP cause you O.D.

Bitch Im back
Bitch Im back
Bitch Im back
Tell me who I aint relapse
aint relapse
aint relapse
Pull up Pink, Lacefront on
Chicks buggin, play my song
Yall hoes thirsty, hate is strong
Feel the envy, trick Im gone
Want the Crown, bitch then werk
6 feet under, casket dirt
Yall hoes, murdered
This my turf. Back to merkin
My re-birth

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