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Bas - Highs lyrics, letra, paroles
01.06.2013, 08:35
Strange highs know they jobs - new address,
Old vice, new temptress
Settled down one day, this is practice
Where every coach is a model or an actress
Fiend, I just wanted me some larger bitches, fuck that
I just wanted me some loyal bitches
So like Christmas Eve I just toy with bitches
Go hoes on beams like the gutter bitches are… Minnesota bitches
Destroy the bridges
Don’t you wanna see my shoes wet?
Won’t you say it ain’t paid my dues yet
Well, fuck boy, I be on the road, still putting work in the duet
Fuck nigga, can you hear it?
Me and yo bitch gon sing a duet
No hero to them hoagies
‘Cause hoes getting loose like boogies
As my nigga ask for it, you can have her
I could only have 2 last broads
All looked from afar see the same view
Could accept who you are til they change you
Can’t lose but you ain’t choose
As far as I see it…

(Hook x2)
Ironic - I was just lookin for a lighter but I found you
Now let’s go and fuck the night up (the night up, the night up)
Let’s go and fuck the night up (the night up, the night up)
Let’s go and fuck the night up

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