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Aminor - Neverland VanLadyLove lyrics
02.08.2013, 09:31


As I drift through the palm trees, it's a one hit wonder - Ali/
But I'm down, it's a fact, it's like everything's beyond me/
And I swear, that my feet are planted well on the ground/
But when I look up yeah, all I see is clouds, yeah it's ours/

But I'm back, from the mindless presence, step back to define the essence/
Didn't realise that I let this, out, thinking everything defines the best it's/
It's reaching high, kiss that sun, it's the feeling of the bullet in the barrel of the gun/
They say take it slow, you might have fun, but the day I stop is the day I've won/


I'm searching for that light, yeah I'm seeking where it's at/
'Cause there was one point in my life I couldn't see the point in rap/
Yeah this is something that's beyond me, I can not fall into the traps/
I've been there contemplating, but now you can see I'm back/

Maybe I'll fly to Neverland, maybe I'll never land/
Maybe this is meant to be man, maybe this is meant to be man/
I swear each line I write, I'm getting better and better/
But with each time I write, the letters are getting heavier/

I tell my girl, keep holding on, I'm gonna murder the scene Raskolnikov/
One day we'll be there we ain't holding off, but it seems right now I ain't old enough/
With time comes wisdom, I ain't got no time/
We've all got ignorance, that truth it don't lie/

So we'll leave, away from here, should'a, would'a, could'a just ain't so clear/
When you stand on the shores of the lakes of fear, don't forget I spoke this into you ear/
If you stand up for your people then they will stand behind you/
If you stand up for yourself, there's no way they'd find you/ Uh huh/

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