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Action Bronson - Tim Westwood Freestyle lyrics, letra, paroles
21.12.2012, 20:56
Yo, I rock the ace wore cat, smoke a baseball bat
Get paid off rap, I cop the 8 all black
Hopped out leradoes, equipped with the potato strap
Get turned to home fries, that’s by any means
The seed of dough rise
Ew, these bitches pussy smell like low tide
No pride, fuck it, I’ll just hold my breath
Suplex a fiend at the cizzler
Damn shawty got a shitter
Me and my father hit it back to back like griffy
Big black girl black fade missy
You can catch me in the line for my ss
I need some red sweats and a box of reds
I make the consume from the lobster head
Nowadays I’m getting lotsa head
Ah, 635’s drop with the aqua treads
10 stacks for a death, 20 just to look me in the eye
Body will shoot you in the thigh
Flipped out of the whip, dip, I’m out
Change it up man, we out here with this one
Oh, oh man, this is that, is that beautiful shit right here
I choose you, you fuckin hoe

Tilt the goblit, staring in the middle of the cockpit
Spanish bitch displayed up in some monstrige
Key signetta, feet dancing,
Grand hills laced up with the ex hally hanson
Foggy night hustle till the sun up
Stumblin anonymous, fuck around, found your lef by the guana bridge
Overdo and send your penis to your mama crib
That’s what happens when you open your vagina lips
Only focus on the merges and acquisitions, timers on the counts
Robbin them like yawn, oh you don’t want no problems
I got the upper lungs, undreyable chelly, hit the tellie
Lift my bellie, count up the bone mistakers
Baby there’s no mistaken, my life is extra granted
Sophisticated pallace, sweet sour salty spicey and ...
I’m eating oisters off the diamonds in hawaii
With... that playboy for the liberty
Finish the sequel, now I’m lighting up the trilogy
Like e hon, the one you smashin up the lexus
Baby it’s all about...queen shit, that’s how we fuckin do in england
Tim westwood, bam bam broncelinio, we out here!

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