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85 - Valentine's Day Gone Wrong lyrics, letra, paroles
09.02.2013, 18:08
I heard
that you
fucked my friend, that you
gave him head, now you...

I heard
that he
dicked you down.
Guess he gave you things,
while I was outta town.

Oooh bitch,
why yo' pussy dry?
Smellin' like all my life
I had to fight.

And here you come up out of the blue, uninvited, talkin' bout
"I love you so much baby, be my Valentine."
Well trick, here's what I got to say
to all ya' little lies that you've told me...

Bitch it's over.


Nevermind I'll find another bitch like you.
I wish nothing but the worst for you.
Loose my number, de-lete,
I hope that dick was worth loosing me.
Now get the fuck out my house with yo' stank ass loose pussy.
Get the fuck out my house with yo' stank ass loose pussy.

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